Charolais beef

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33 cuts to learn about : Different cuts, different flavours

For cuts to grill or to roast, the texture and intensity of flavour vary according to where the meat is on the carcase and the type of muscle fibre. The cuts on the back (fillet or rump steak) are very tender, but less flavoursome.  On the other hand, cuts from the lower part of the rear haunches have more flavour, but are less tender.  Whatever cut you ... More information

Cooking and flavours : Different cuts, different cooking methods!

To bring out the best qualities of Charolais beef, care and attention is needed in its preparation.   Different cuts of meat require different cooking methods – grill, roast, potboil or braise . To find out more about the different cooking methods click on the image on the left  (only in french) More information

Quality labels : The quality labels

Quality controls have been developed over several years, guaranteeing the origin of Charolais beef, good farming practice, and respect for the environment. However, the following quality labels also assure excellence in every stage of the production process, from the farmer through to the butcher, and the exceptional quality of the beef. More information

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