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Promote Charolais meat

Created in 1999, this association brings together groups working in the beef and sheep
farming industry (breeders, merchants, wholesalers, advisory bodies and l’Aria and l’Adiv….)
There are three main strands to its mission:


La Saône-et-Loire sera mise à l'honneur ce samedi au Salon International de l'Agriculture à Paris !

Ne manquez pas le grand rendez-vous avec  quatre chefs étoilés au stand du Conseil départemental  , qui ont accepté de se mobiliser pour valoriser notre département par la création de recettes élaborées sous forme de verrines par l’Institut du Charolais. 

Inauguration officielle   samedi 5 mars à partir de 11h30 - Pavillon 7.1, allée D, Stand 37

The French Burgundian restorers who propose some Charolais meat

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The list of the restorers proposing the Charolais meat was realized thanks to the commitment of the professionals who appear there. These professionals will be of use to you a Charolais bovine quality meat for your most great pleasure. That they are thanked for it.

Published in June, 2010, this list takes into account only the storekeepers wishing to appear there and does not exclude that the other restorers of the region propose some Charolais meat to their menu.

Document to be downloaded (only in french)

Promote Charolais meat

To promote Charolais meat, by publicising the product through brochures, leaflets, recipes etc. and taking part in various events for both the general public and professional bodies.  In this way it markets the nutritional and dietary qualities of Charolais meat and its production methods which respect nature and the environment.

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