Charolais beef

Rearing Charolais cattle

Elevage et environnement : Breeding and environment: breeding, meat and pollution: what is it in France?

" The quantity of carbon stored by the meadow allow to compensate for the quantity of methane rejected by animals valuing this meadow " ( Source : the meetings of the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) - 02/2011)  " The role of the agriculture( farming) and the breeding in the fight against climate change is ... More information

History and origin : The history of the Charolais race

True or false? Legend says that during the Crusades warriors brought beautiful white cows with them to the shores of France - forerunners  of the elegant breed of cattle which now graze in the  Charolais-Brionnais and throughout the world.          ... More information

Work of the cattle farmer : Beef farming – Hand in hand with Nature

From March to November, Charolais graze peacefully in the region’s lush meadows. When the first frosts arrive, the cows are brought indoors, into clean, well-ventilated cattle sheds.  During this period, the feed, although different from outdoor grazing, continues to be composed of vegetable matter – hay, silage and cereal.  This feed can be supplemented with ... More information

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