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The Maison du Charolais for your group

Discover our cow with your group!

The Maison du Charolais welcomes you to the birthplace of the Charolais breed of cattle. Its interactive exhibitions introduce yout to the breed, the work of the cattle breeders and the picturesque Charolais countryside. After your visit you can savour the unique taste and tendreness of Charolais beef.

Possibility to visit in English with audioguide for group.

We have 20 audioguides for!

Document to be downloaded (only in french)

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Route Centre Europe Atlantique
Sortie 12
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Coloriages et
pour les plus petits !
Atelier de cuisine «Le hamburger de boeuf charolais et ses frites de carottes». Les enfants réalisent eux-mêmes leur sandwich.